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Shri Ram Mandir Quiz Competition' Age Group 5 Years to 15 Years


Welcome Shri Ram Mandir Quiz Competition

Age Group 5 Years to 15 Years

General Instructions :

  1. All questions are mandatory.
  2. Quiz is MCQ based.
  3. Each question carries one mark, no negative marking for incorrect attempt / answer.
  4. Allotted time for quiz is 10 minutes.
  5. Quiz will be submitted automatically after 10 minutes of login.
  6. The quiz will be effective from Monday, 22 January 2024 to Saturday, 30th March, 2024

Special Instructions :

  1. The result will appear on the screen immediately after the submission of the answers.
  2. Each participant will get an E-Certificate.
  3. Your result and participation certificate will be sent at your email ID also.
  4. Fastest quiz solver with maximum correct answers will be declared as winner.
  5. The decisions of the organizing team is final on any issue pertaining to internet or any allied subject and will be a binding on the participants.



> Participant has to answer all the 30 questions with correct answer in minimum time in order to be eligible for the cash prize.

> Result will be declared on the occasion of Ram Navmi 17th, April, 2024.

> Result will be posted on

Cash Prize

> Top 3 of each category will get:

• 1st Prize- Cash Prize of Rs. 2100 + Certificate
• 2nd Prize- Cash Prize of Rs. 1100 +  Certificate
• 3rd Prize- Cash Prize of Rs.   500 + Certificate

Top 5 from each category will receive a Consolation Prize of Rs. 250 each.

> Use of any unsaid means may result in disqualification of the participant. Any Cheating and fraud if found will lead to participant's disqualification.


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1. Which deity is considered the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, according to Hindu belief?

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2. When did Supreme Court commence day-to-day hearing on the land dispute ?

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3. Which state is Ayodhya in?

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4. What is the date of  historic verdict of Supreme Court, when Supreme Court grants entire 2.77 acre of disputed land in Ayodhya to deity Ram Lalla, possession of land will remain with Central government receiver ?

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5. The Ram Mandir will have a grand entrance gate named after which mythological character?

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6. What is the name of the trust in Ayodhya Ram Mandir?

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7. In which year did the Supreme Court pronounce its judgment on the Ayodhya dispute?

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8. The Ram Mandir will have how many pillars in its construction?

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9. What is the significance of the Saryu River in relation to Ayodhya and the Ram Mandir?

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10. When was the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Ram Mandir held?

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11. What is the significance of the 'Shila Pujan' ceremony in the construction of the Ram Mandir?

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12. The construction of the Ram Mandir is seen as a symbol of the end of a long-standing religious dispute. What was the dispute known as?

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13. When did PM Narendra Modi announce in Lok Sabha the formation of a trust to construct a Ram temple in Ayodhya ?

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14. When did the Local court order the government to open the site for Hindu worshippers?

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15. The original design for Ram Mandir was developed in 1988 by the ..................... of Ahmedabad.?

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16. Which festival is expected to witness the completion and inauguration of the Ram Mandir?

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17. When was the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Trust founded ?

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18. The Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust was formed in which year?

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19. The city of Ayodhya is associated with the birth of Lord Rama. What is Ayodhya often referred to as?

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20. Which scripture narrates the story of Lord Rama and is considered sacred by Hindus?

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21. Who laid the foundation stone for the Ram Mandir?

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22. What is the name of the stone used for the construction of the Ram Mandir?

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23. Who was the litigant representing the Hindu side in the Ayodhya dispute case?

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24. When did Supreme Court sets up a five-judge Constitution bench to hear the Ram Janam Bhumi case.?

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25. Who donated a 40-kilogram silver brick for bhoomi pujan event of Ram Mandir ?

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26. When was the Babri Masjid constructed by the Mughal commander Mir Baqi after demolishing the Shri Ram temple during the reign of the first Mughal king Babar?.?

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27. The Ram Mandir is dedicated to which Hindu deity?

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28. When was the disputed structure demolished in Ayodhya ?

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29. The Ram Mandir Trust launched a fundraising campaign named after which iconic event?

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30. The Ram Mandir construction is based on the design prepared by which architect?

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