Children Theatre Workshop & Speech Drama Class

First Session

Yoga, Physical Exercises & Meditation

Second Session

Enhance the concentration power
(with the help of appropriate games)

Removing Introversion:
Getting rid of introversion is a major part of the course. Progress in this part would increase day by day

Brain exercises:
Streamline the thought process of the children and develop the mental level with brain exercises and fun games

Increase Confidence Level:
This part includes the exercises for increasing the confidence level of children

  Handling Situation & Values
Value education, development of positive attitude and being smart

Third Session

Acting Tips
Stage Presentation
Character Mimicry

Voice Expression and Being the best :
How to achieve Voice Modulation while speaking
Role of Voice Expression and Voice Modulation in creating an impression in life
How can one be the best in his/her field (with associated exercises and games) and how can one win a job

Eye expressions
An important ingredient to any good presentation is expression through eyes. It will be taught in this part of the course

Role of eye expressions in success
To cope with difficult situations and decision making scenarios in life

How participants can show their creativity in different aspects of life
Improvisation, which is one of the most important aspect in the mental growth of the child will be mastered through different games and exercises